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stream request: hipster bowser bent his iphone 6 :c

the ass was too fat



stream request: hipster bowser bent his iphone 6 :c

the ass was too fat

i feel so icky right now just kill me

Where does one acquire cinder blocks

Home Depot?

playing on the Unstable FTB pack and it’s pretty fun! I’m messing around with some mods I’m unfamiliar with since a lot of the thermal expansion stuff I default to isn’t here. 

Current Goal is getting a ME Computer set up cause storage, UGH. 
But Applied Energistics 2 is really weird??? heh.

gunna go see the boxtrolls ! ! ! 
I hope it is not as transphobic as people have said :C 
Or that I can enjoy it despite that, as selfish as that is. 

my gf just accidentally sent me a very ALARMING TEXT and left me hanging and it was meant to go to a different person

but i responded with jokes and i think that says a lot about me 


oh i just remembered. 
I also had a dream I had cancer or something and I was at my Papa’s house and he was giving out christmas gifts (lol, checks). He handed me mine and looked somber and I thought it was weird. Inside the envelope was a check for $2,500 and a note “For you and your cancer” like lol wtf papa. 

I ended up forgetting it at his house so we had to go back. I was really conflicted on what to spend the money on. 

had two memorable dreams

First one I was on the back porch and mom was outside. She was talking about something but I wasn’t paying attention, as she walked further away I saw that there were two snakes coiled up behind her. First I saw a harmless one then i looked again and saw a rattlesnake. She’s really scared of snakes so I didn’t tell her why but I told her to please come inside right now. 
She got inside safely and I spent a while carefully closing the doors so a snake cou ldnt get under the door. I wasn’t that scared? I just was concerned for her. 

Second one I was in a car with one of mom’s employees, Keith. He was driving and after a while I realized he was driving pretty poorly. When I pointed this out to him he laughed and said it’s cause he was drunk. I got really mad and scared and was like “Wait you mean you just had a drink or…you’re actually drunk??” and he laughed and took out a beer and took a swig of it. I got so fucking mad I told him to pull over. Then I pushed him into the backseat and yelled at him so much abo ut what an idiot he was being and HOW DARE he put myself and my sister in danger like that because he’s a fucking idiot and blah blah blah. 
It was weird to be angry

oK so mary lambert is the ideal

i want to be that cute ! ! ! i want to wear those cute outfits!! 


so if you prettyi sign titties


so if you pretty
i sign titties


watch this video

no seriously


the making of Fantastic Mr Fox - photo by Ray Lewis

(Source: marinaesque)

time to re-watch the first ep with bill cipher and work on furry smuuuuut

fiasko0 replied to your post: Felt cute sooo

Oh hey, you really are cute ovo

ty !!! this sweater thing always makes me feel so cute i wish i could wear it every day haaahhh.