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I just looked at the term “holy shit” and was completely baffled by it. I thought it was a typo or something

I need to go to sleep


'The Bone Bestiary'

A collaborative screen print with B.Sabo, based on a mutual appreciation of skulls and mythical creatures.


Casually drops my wishlist on the dashboard. 

i really like the idea of having Very Sharp teeth/fangs. 

Smiling and people seeing that I am dangerous. 

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omg dude i found a website with up to size like 8xl hoodies???

tiny squeaks 

link????? Also are they kawaii

i literally had to block that post about cute oversized sweaters because cute sweaters that would be ‘oversized’ for me do not exist and that post reminds me of it and makes me sad

973,323 plays!




This is my favorite motherfucking thing about getting closer to Halloween every FUCKING YEAR

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i have the opposite problem in which i’m biromantic heterosexual, and I feel REALLY shallow cause like, i can get crushes on guys but can’t bring myself to date one cause i wouldn’t have sex with them :/ u could always have casual sex and stuff

it just feels so mean omg; 
I’ve always seen sex as something really personal and if im ok to share that kind of experience with a dude it seems really hurtful to say “yeah well i do not ever want a relationship with you because of your gender”. 

It feels really mean! 

it’s nice to hear that im not alone in this weird mixed sexuality/romance thing tho

yeah i dont think i like that identity. makes me feel mean and gross. 

instead i’ll just be Totally Gay

(but would fuck guys in very specific situations) 

defenseoftheancients replied to your post: is homoromantic bisexuality a thing&nb…


cool. feels like it might be rly shallow and gross tho. like yeah i would fuck a guy but i dont want a relationship with a guy which feels really mean. 

is homoromantic bisexuality a thing 

i had a dream that i ate a sausage and it was REALLY REALLY GOOD which is weird cause i dont like sausage

i made breakfast for dinner uvu 
pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage and hash browns 

the kids were excited c: